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Everybody Loves the Sunshine Stacy Lynn Waddell
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I Have My Own Zoë Buckman

Our Ethos

Spaces are important. They hold the power to settle our spirits, inspire our creativity, and deepen our connections. They are meant to be enjoyed and inviting, and our values and memories should be personified within them. Like many of us, spaces thrive with time and thoughtful attention. Yet, creating a space does not have to be seen as another chore on our to-do list or a job to be fully handed over to “an expert.” Instead, it can be an adventure—full of treasure hunts and delightful interactions. Sometimes all we need is a fellow adventurer (or, perhaps, partner in crime) to co-create a very special space.

Portrait by: Olly Yung

Eli Mathis Cheatham

An avid art lover who serves on the North Carolina Museum of Art’s (NCMA) Board of Trustees and Acquisitions committee and the founder of the NCMA’s Matrons of the Art initiative, Eli is well-respected within the art world among top artists, collectors, gallerists, and museums. Many of these experts are involved with Matrons & Mistresses (M&M), a non-profit publication she directs that highlights the invaluable role women play in the arts—though Eli is equally proud of the connections that M&M makes to readers who are just beginning their love affairs with art. In addition to her work with the NCMA and Matrons & Mistresses, Eli is the founder of EMC Spaces, an art acquisitions and design consulting firm committed to creating spaces that reflect the passions and values of the people who inhabit them. Ingrained in all that she does is a true belief in the power of art, storytelling, and design to shift one’s perspective and touch one’s heart.